Receive a Yo when a new episode of your favorite show is available on PopcornTime.

Let's Get Started

  1. Install the Yo App on your phone
  2. Send a Yo to YOMYPOPCORN
  3. Subscribe to your favorite shows
  4. Receive a Yo when a new episode becomes available on PopcornTime

What is it?

YOMYPOPCORN is a Yo service that lets you select TV shows you like and sends you a notification through the Yo app when a new episode is available on PopcornTime.

Wonder what Yo is? Yo is a notification service that allows you to receive links as notifications. Just download the app and you will get what it is about.

What about privacy?

All we know about you is your Yo username and the shows you subscribe to and can't link it to you. We do not store or collect any personal information about you. We don't even want your email address.

Can I unsubscribe again?

We'd be sad to see you go but you can certainly unsubscribe any time. Just unsubscribe or block YOMYPOPCORN in the Yo app and you'll never hear from us again. Promised.

Yes, it's free.